Ways to stop nose bleeds

Aaron LaRoche
3 min readMar 26, 2021

As a kid I couldn’t stay out of my nose.

I thought digging for treasure was fun and I was just as familiar with the other holes in my body but the nostril always had my distinct attention. From cramming things into them to seeing how far a finger could go there was something about the olfactory bulb that drew me. I’d always wondered if my brain could see out whenever I’d let my nostrils flare, whether or not my nose was smelling the same thing or was each side getting their own whiff? The more I explored the more I would figure out was what I believed. Needless to say I had a lot of nose bleeds growing up. I’ve gathered some of my favorite ways to stop them here.

1. Tilting Your Head Forward

This is a classic. I didn’t realize this was even a possibility till my teens when a friend showed me on an arid day. This way requires a bit of balance as you don’t wan’t to lean so far forward you fall and if your not limber can be annoying to maintain. The key word with this one is patience cause if you put your head back to normal too quick you might just end up with a worst gusher than what you started with. Pinching the nose is suggested with this but i think just leaning forward does the trick as well.


I know this one isn’t sanitary or very medically sound but I still do it. Whenever a nose bleed comes on I go straight for tissue to stuff up the nostrils and let it dry out. I know that this might obstruct breathing and the clean up can be messy and gross but it does work. Also it can be fun to put things in your nose on occasion. If you get scented tissues it can also be pleasent and calming to smell while your bleeding. This is the worst of the tips I’m going to suggest. I promise.

3. Decongestant Sprays

Afrine, Mucinex, and Sinex are good sparys to use when you got a nose bleed. They can clean out and moisten the area and return it to a smooth nasal passage. Most of the reason people get bloody noses is due to dryness. While it won’t be immediate the sprays will slow down the stream and start the process of healing the cracks in the nose much quicker then if you just let it run. The only downside with this is that it’s not a free method.

4. Pinching the nose

The best part about this way is that there is no need for clean up and you can do it without having to purchase anything. This is another method that does require patience however. Pinching the nose between your fingers usually can take 5–10 minutes to actually stop the bleeding and there is the chance it might take even longer. Stopping the blood loss this way keeps your precious blood in your body which get’s it extra points for me and if you do it right you can make it look like you are smelling something stinky , rather than bleeding out of your face.

5. Apply Petroleum or Neosporin

If dryness is the main concern what you can do is get a cotton swab dab it into either of the above and wipe a layer on the inside of your nose. While bleeding this will slow down the bleeding and may return your nose back to it’s original splendor while also protecting against further outbreaks. It’s better to try this after the nose has stopped bleeding but i don’t see why it wouldn’t be as effective during.

I hope this finds you and your nose well.And as always the best tip is not to pick your nose so much.