Ways to stop nose bleeds

As a kid I couldn’t stay out of my nose.

I thought digging for treasure was fun and I was just as familiar with the other holes in my body but the nostril always had my distinct attention. From cramming things into them to seeing how far a finger could go there was something about the olfactory bulb that drew me. I’d always wondered if my brain could see out whenever I’d let my nostrils flare, whether or not my nose was smelling the same thing or was each side getting their own whiff? The more I explored the more I would figure out was what I believed. Needless to say I had a lot of nose bleeds growing up. I’ve gathered some of my favorite ways to stop them here.

1. Tilting Your Head Forward


3. Decongestant Sprays

4. Pinching the nose

5. Apply Petroleum or Neosporin

I hope this finds you and your nose well.And as always the best tip is not to pick your nose so much.



Aaron LaRoche is a rascal

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