5 Things You Can Do With Yourself This Valentines Day

Aaron LaRoche
3 min readFeb 12, 2021


It’s that magical time where hearts young and old are to be judged under the stern eye of capitalism. I’m talking about the dreaded valentine’s day or as many singles refer to it “the day I’m reminded i am alone”. Fear not lonely hearts I bear good news. You are, in fact, not alone.

You have yourself.

The relationship we have with ourselves is just as (if not more) important than the ones we keep with others. As a romantic, let me say it is both wonderful and awful when you lose yourself in someone else. Love is grand but not when it becomes the main source of comfort in your life. Why would you shower someone you’re dating with love and not yourself? So in the spirit of that here are some things you can do alone on Valentines.

  1. Take yourself out on a date

If you’ve been wanting to go out there’s really no one stopping you other than you. Not in the sense of a tinder date, sure, but you can have the same amount of fun and sexy time with yourself. Go out lone wolf style, get food you love, see a movie you’ve been dying to see, maybe even try rock climbing. I love trying new things by myself. Even if I hate it I learn something new about my tastes. For example, I do not like rock climbing.

2. Read, watch, or listen to a romance epic

I always thought that reading these was lame, that seeing someone else’s tales of love would make me envious, and that listening to sad songs would make me miserable. It didn’t. Seeing love’s follies aren’t just our own but a universal experience can really make one feel less alone. A great way to access feelings of love is through shared experience. Sometimes realizing others have felt like you is all it takes to remind you to love yourself.

3. Celebrate accomplishments in your life

Confidence is key to a lot of things, it can be hard to be confident when in a dry spell or not feeling good about one’s self. A great way to break out of this is to go over your accomplishments, big and small, and congratulate yourself with no statute of limitations. Remember how great you’ve been and continue to be! Remember times you did something you thought you’d be unable to, those times you went above and beyond, or just plain killed it.

4. Meditate

Meditation is one of the best ways to reconnect with yourself. Taking a minute or 30 to feel your body and breath coalesce around the state your mind and body is currently in can do wonders for returning to your center. Being in the moment is a giant part of love, whether it be with another person or yourself. Sometimes sitting in silence with ourselves can point us to where we need to go to feel more loved and to be more immersed in it in our day to day. I like to use guided meditations but just having some calming music on while you close your eyes and vibe with yourself can be healing too. Let your mind wander, if it get’s too negative stop thinking and just listen to yourself breathe.


I’m terrible at cleaning but everytime I do I feel better about myself. Cleaning is one of the best forms of self care in my opinion, which is likely why some of us can be so averse to it. It takes time and sometimes you come across things you forgot you even had or wanted. Decluttering your physical space will also declutter your internal space. There really is nothing like sitting in your room after you’ve gotten it to exactly the state you want it to be.

Anyway these are some things I’m gonna be trying to do. Whatever you decide, I hope you do it with the knowledge that you are not only worthy of love, but it is also already here. Within you.

Happy Valentine’s Day.