5 New Anime to Watch out for in 2021

Aaron LaRoche
4 min readMar 19, 2021

It’s a new year which means new anime! This season has a lot of strong content coming out and i’ve gathered these five are going to be especially interesting.

  1. Wonder Egg Priority

Directed by Shin Wakabayashi

If you like magical girl anime (Sailor Moon, Precure) this one is worth the watch. It follows Ai Ohto in her journey after a close friends suicide. Becoming reclusive one and leaving school one day on a night walk Ai’s confronted by a disembodied voice that leads her to a strange dream world where a possible way of reviving her friend reveals itself. In this world Ai has the power to protect others from odd creatures called “seenoevils” which take on the trauma in people’s lives. Oh did I mention that the people she protects come from eggs Ai purchase’s from a toy vending machine? This one is weird and emotional (my aesthetic), the art is great, and the world is interesting to explore as the series continues. While the dreamworld is Ai’s the people who come into it reflect her own inadaquecies and inspire her to new heights of confidence and bravery. It’s a show about overcoming loss. Even introducing other characters like AI desperately trying to revive their own loved ones who have died. It’s brand new so there’s not a lot to catch up on and the characters are deep, interesting, and personal. It’s available now on the funimation streaming site.

2. Yuru Camp

Directed by Yoshiaki Kyōgoku

Anime doesn’t have to be all action or drama and this series is a perfect example. Yuru Camp (or Laid-Back Camp) is the easy listening of anime. Starring Rin and Nadeshiko the pair meet while Rin’s going on a solo camping trip and sees the plucky Nadeshiko asleep on a bench. Besides the overt cuteness of the series there is actual camping advice mixed in. This show reminds of simple pleasures in life and the different ways in which we all can relate to and appreciate nature. While Rin is more independent and reclusive Nadeshiko is loud bubbly and socialable, this becomes apparent when Nadeshiko forms an outdoor activities club at their school. It’s an interesting look at how introverts and extroverts relate to each other with the beautiful imagery of camping as a backdrop. A show this saccharine and relaxing can be a distinct comfort in turbulent times like these .Also the music score is essentially a quaalade. While not new as of this year, the second season is airing now and it’s a fun show that might inspire you or someone you know to go out and commune with nature. This show relays how essential that is to a balanced and enjoyable life. It can be watched on Crunchy-roll

3. Cells At Work! Code Black.

Directed by Hideyo Yamamoto

This is an offshoot of a Cells at Work, an anime that depicts the inner workings of the human body from the scope of a society of different cells and bacteria interacting. While the core series is light this offshoot is incredibly dark. The cells this time are not in a healthy body but one riddled with various ailments making every single cell work overtime. The series is informative and entertaining detailing to minute detail the ways in which red blood cells, white blood cells, and others defend against decay from activities such as smoking, eating poorly, and not resting. It’s what i imagine Miss Frizzle would show to her students before going into the body. There is a lot of fan service (lewd jokes/imagery) but the information is given in a digestible way and the action is fun to watch. It’s definitely melodramatic and a lot of death speeches but it has really interesting information and the episodes always make me rethink how i treat my own body.

4. To Your Eternity

Directed by Masahiko Murata

This anime isn’t out till April so i can’t say much to the art or nature of the acting but the premise is enough to have me deeply invested already. It follows the story of an other worldly sphere who comes to earth with no identity or emotions of it’s own and begins to take the forms of different beings it comes across. Jumping from a rock, to a wolf, and eventually to a human. It lives for thousands of years taking on the identities of others and forming new powers. What makes the journey interesting is the being doesn’t change of it’s own will but rather the impetus of the person it is embodying. For example while in the form of the wolf its owner died wishing to see the world and meet people which in term provided the impetus for the other worldy creature to transform into the form of its deceased owner. It’s a little trippy and a little sad which is more or less the formula for great anime. It should be released sometime in April.

5. Kemono Jihen

Directed by Masaya Fujimori

If you like the occult or detectives this anime is for you. Kemono Jihen follows the adventures of detective Inaugumi and his band of half demon assistants/children. The series starts off strong with Inaugmi meeting Kabane who is a half child demon being blamed for a string of cattle deaths. Instead of killing Kabane Inaugumi adopts him and enrolls him into his group of wayward half demons. Together they go around Tokyo solving extranormal cases deemed to difficult or dangerous for normal people. The characters are bright, the world is creepy, and it has the makings for great action sequences as the story goes on. It can be seen on Funimation.